What is TestFlip?

Today’s high schoolers find themselves constantly conflicted by a barrage of demanding but equally important obligations. Soccer practice takes time away from homework, which takes away from music lessons, which takes time away from test prep. It’s not true that a highly motivated teen cannot have it all, but nobody can have it all at the same time

That’s why we created our SAT/ACT TestFlip program. By combining the newest advancements in educational technology with fundamental truths about learning, motivation, and practice, we’ve pioneered a better way to prep. 

Which of these SAT & ACT prep options sound most appealing (or at least practical) to you or your teen?

  • Study entirely on your own with our self-guided video course.
  • Attend office hours weekly for answers, guidance, and support.
  • Go for the full flipped classroom experience and work with an expert tutor to accelerate your progress!

Our SAT/ACT TestFlip program offers ways to maximize those rare free spots in a busy schedule in order to also make the most of tutor time. Self-study is a great option for some incredibly self-directed learners, but most of us need coaching to reach our best abilities in any endeavor. TestFlip creates a structured environment for self-study that can be supplemented synergistically with either group or individual instruction.

Why TestFlip?

First, the SAT/ACT TestFlip program is powered by the same leading-edge curriculum that drives Chariot Learning's nationally acclaimed courses and tutoring programs. Chariot Learning, based in Rochester, NY, has worked for over a decade to create the most efficient, effective, and enriching test prep tutoring and classes possible. This curriculum is revised every year--which many of the biggest retail prep companies don't do--to reflect the realities of this year's SAT & ACT.

Second, SAT/ACT TestFlip lessons are personally taught by Mike Bergin, one of the most nationally recognized and respected experts in this field. Mike has spent every day of the better part of three decades exploring every aspect of education as a teacher, trainer, curriculum writer, product developer, author, podcaster, manager, and entrepreneur. In his current roles as the founding president of Chariot Learning, President of the Board of Directors of National Test Prep Association, Co-host of Tests and the Rest: The College Admissions Industry podcast, founder of TestBright, and ACT Instructional Mastery trainer, he collaborates with top professionals in education, testing, admissions, and ed tech. And, yet, Mike still works personally with students every week, because that’s what teachers do

Third, the TestFlip program leverages the best aspects of a leading online course platform to deliver powerful asynchronous instruction, but does not depend on self-study as the sole driver of results. Teens that can learn on their own will find the SAT/ACT TestFlip program the perfect foundation of skills, strategies, and subject knowledge for test success. Others can combine TestFlip with office hours, group classes, or individual tutoring. 

How can the SAT/ACT TestFlip program augment and accelerate learning? The ability to easily make up missed classes (already a big benefit) is just the beginning:

  • Review lessons in advance to make the best use of teacher time

  • Review lessons after instruction to lock in learning

  • Review lessons over and over to harness spaced repetition

  • Review lessons when learning begins to fade over time

  • Review lessons before practice tests to refresh test content and strategies

Are you ready to get started?

Whether you’re looking for a self-prep program with an authentic emphasis on proven strategies or a way to supercharge instruction through both self-guided study and expert interaction, you’ll love this cutting-edge educational program. With SAT/ACT TestFlip, you really can have it all, at least in terms of amazing test prep. Let’s get started!